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Being surrounded by sharks may sound like a bad thing,but scientists say sharks are actually a good sign of ocean health.__1__ knowing that,Enric Sala,a marine ecologist and National Geographic Fellow,was a little __2__ when he first dived at Kingman Reef,the heart of a massive,newly __3__ area south of Hawaii now called the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument.

“The __4__ time I jumped in the water,as soon as the bubbles __5__,my heartbeat doubled—there were a dozen sharks swimming around us and so __6__ corals on the bottom that there was not even __7__ for sand between them,” says Sala.

Sala led a series of __8__ to the region's coral reefs over the past several years,__9__ part of his work at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla,Calif.His team's __10__ about sharks and corals there helped __11__ the U.S.government to set up the new monument,where fishing for sharks or anything else is now __12__.Groups around the world are working to __13__ other huge protected ocean areas in hopes of __14__ some of the planet's most incredible and important spots.

President George W.Bush set up another new marine __15__,or protected area,__16__ the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument just before he __17__ office in January.The reserve __18__ waters around several groups of islands near Kingman Reef,__19__ is 1,000 miles south of Hawaii,and it covers 86,888 square miles.That's bigger than the size of Virginia and Tennessee __20__.


marine ecologist海洋生态学家

【语篇解读】 科学家们对海洋生物的发现促成美国建立了海洋生物保护区。保护区发挥了极大的作用,不仅有利于科学家的研究,更重要的是保护了一些稀有的种类,其他一些国家也纷纷效仿。

1.A.Ever B.Even C.Without D.Instead of

答案 B [联系下文“my heartbeat doubled”可知,“即使”知道鲨鱼是海洋健康的标志,Enric Sala也是有些紧张的。]

2.A.excited B.happy C.nervous D.sad

答案 C [联系到鲨鱼是凶猛的动物,在鲨鱼附近也是有些紧张的。A有一定的干扰性,excited的意思是“兴奋的”,不符合面临凶猛动物时的心情。]

3.A.protected B.built C.surrounded D.founded

答案 A [联系下文可知,“the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument”是一个保护区。]

4.A.last B.early C.first D.good

答案 C [联系下文的“my heartbeat doubled”可知,这是Sala第一次到洋底时的情况。]

5.A.gathered B.appeared C.passed D.cleared

答案 D [联系下文的“there were a dozen sharks swimming around us...”可知,这是气泡散尽后看到的景象,因此用cleared。]

6.A.many B.few C.large D.frightening

答案 A [联系下文的“there was not even __7__ for sand between them”可知,珊瑚很多。]

7.A.water B.light C.space D.sight

答案 C [因为鲨鱼和珊瑚很多,几乎没有容纳沙子的空间。]

8.A.dives B.expeditions C.experiments D.discoveries

答案 B [联系空后的“to the region's coral reefs”可知,他领导了几次去珊瑚礁的远征。]

9.A.as B.with C.like D.under

答案 A [这些远征作为他工作的一部分。]

10.A.findings B.information C.research D.cares

答案 A [联系空后的“about sharks and corals”可知,他们对鲨鱼和珊瑚有了一些发现。C有一定的干扰性,research意为“研究”。]

11.A.force B.inspire C.beg D.allow

答案 B [在那里的发现敦促政府建立保护区。]

12.A.permitted B.limited C.forbidden D.measured

答案 C [因为这里是保护区,因此捕杀鲨鱼和其他动物是禁止的。]

13.A.set out B.start out C.set off D.set up

答案 D [联系空后的“huge protected ocean areas”可知,是建立保护区。set out意为“开始,着手”;start out意为“开始”;sef off意为“出发”。]

14.A.making B.saving C.building D.seeing

答案 B [建立保护区是希望挽救一些重要的地方。]

15.A.reserve B.spot C.area D.space

答案 A [联系空后的“or protected area”可得答案。]

16.A.called B.named C.told D.given

答案 A [“the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument”是保护区的名字,因此用called。]

17.A.took B.left C.controlled D.lost

答案 B [布什总统在一月份离开白宫前建立了这个保护区。联系空前的“before”和空后的“in January”可得答案。]

18.A.excludes B.covers C.includes D.makes

答案 C [联系空后的“waters around several groups of islands”可知,保护区包含几个岛的水域。]

19.A.it B.which C.where D.that

答案 B [which引导了非限定性定语从句,并在从句中作主语。]

20.A.separated B.combined C.divided D.connected

答案 B [联系空前的“bigger than the size”可知,这个保护区比Virginia和Tennessee两个加起来还要大。]


Katharine Mehta's mother likes to joke that the first sentence her daughter said was “I love dogs.” It's not the fact,but it's certainly true in spirit.

“When I was young,my grandmother told me about how she sometimes found stray dogs and cats,and kept them on her farm as pets,” says Katharine.“That made me wonder what would happen when animals didn't have a home.I felt horrible thinking that they might be hungry or could get hit by a car.”

But what could a little girl do? The answer came during a trip to a park in her New York City neighborhood two years ago,where she met volunteers from Mighty Mutts,a local no?kill animal rescue organization.“I thought maybe I could earn some money and give it to them,” she says.

Since Katharine had plenty of practice taking care of her own dog,she decided to start a summer dog?walking service.She chose two friends and,with their parents' permission,the group put up homemade posters with their phone numbers and a bargain price—50 cents an hour.Before long they had 15 dogs in their care.“We walked two or three at a time with one mother helping out,” she says.“By the end of that summer,we'd collected $45.” That fall Katharine and her mother,Loma,came up with another mini enterprise to raise money for Mighty Mutts—selling fresh?baked shortbread to their neighbors.

The 11?year?old,who starts sixth grade this fall,has become a nonstop campaigner.Her mother says,“When she sees somebody with a dog,she starts a conversation and tells them to donate to Mighty Mutts.”

Katharine's passion comes from the heart.“It makes me cry to think that strays might be_put_to_sleep when there's a group that can find new homes for them,” Katharine says.“But it makes me smile to know I can help.”


stray adj.流浪的 ②shortbread n.黄油甜酥饼

【语篇解读】 本文主要讲了11岁女孩Katharine是如何关爱和帮助流浪狗等小动物的。

1.Katharine's love of dogs comes from ________.

A.her grandmother's influence

B.her mother's influence

C.the influence of an organization

D.seeing a dog killed by a car

答案 A [细节理解题。由第二段可知,Katharine关心流浪狗是受奶奶的影响。]

2.How did Katharine help the organization—Mighty Mutts?

A.By walking stray dogs.

B.By giving shortbread to stray dogs.

C.By collecting money.

D.By making speeches everywhere.

答案 C [推理判断题。由第三、四段可知,Katharine为别人遛狗挣钱,然后捐给Mighty Mutts,并且经常劝说养狗的人为Mighty Mutts捐款,故选C。]

3.The underlined part “be put to sleep” in the last paragraph means “________”.

A.to be supplied with a comfortable place for sleeping

B.to be given drugs so that they can die without pain

C.to be made unconscious before a medical operation

D.to be made to sleep

答案 B [词义猜测题。Katharine很有爱心,非常关心无家可归的小动物,所以她一想到流浪的小动物被人们用药物所谓“仁道地”杀死,她就会心痛地流泪。put to sleep意为“用药物使(长眠),无痛苦地杀死”。]

4.What would be the best title for the passage?

A.Katharine and her pets

B.An organization for rescuing stray dogs

C.Pet dogs are popular with children

D.A little girl helps strays

答案 D [主旨大意题。全文主要讲述了小女孩Katharine帮助、关爱流浪狗,故正确答案为D。]


We're fortunate to live along a monarch butterfly migration path.Every fall,thousands of them fly through our backyard,headed south for the winter.We always thought that a butterfly with a broken wing was a sad sight,but one we could do nothing about.We were wrong! Jeannette Brandt was bike riding near Hadley,in the southern Adirondacks of New York,a few weeks ago when she spotted an injured monarch butterfly and took it home in an empty water bottle.Brandt and her partner,Mike Parwana,fed the butterfly rotting pears and water sweetened with honey.The butterfly survived,and fattened up.But what to do about the broken wing?

The couple found an online video demonstrating butterfly wing repair which was posted by the nonprofit Live Monarch Foundation of Boca Raton,Florida.Tiny cardboard splints and contact cement did the trick.In another week,the butterfly was flying at the couple's home.But by then,it was too cold in upstate New York to release the monarch into the wild.Monarchs are known for their 3,000 miles migration from Canada to Mexico.But this migration is usually finished by the end of October,and it was mid?November.

About a week ago,the couple put the monarch in a shoebox and went to Scotty's,a truck stop north of Albany,NY.Eventually,a good?natured trucker from Alabama,who was headed to Florida,volunteered to transport the monarch to the Sunshine State.Last Tuesday,the trucker called.The butterfly with the mended wing had been released in Florida,now free to join millions of other monarch butterflies migrating south to the mountains of central Mexico.


cardboard splints and contact cement薄纸夹板和接触粘合剂

【语篇解读】 本文记叙的是一对美国夫妇和一位卡车司机救助一只在迁徙中翅膀受伤的帝王蝶的故事

1.We can learn from Paragraph One that the butterfly ________.

A.was hit by a motorbike

B.was noticed by a US woman

C.would spend winter in Hadley

D.was too old to go on flying

答案 B [细节理解题。根据第一段第五句“Jeannette Brandt...when she spotted an injured monarch butterfly...”可知,这只受伤的帝王蝶是由一位美国妇女发现的。]

2.The main problem of the butterfly's wing was ________.

A.how to treat the illness of the butterfly

B.how to keep the butterfly at home

C.how to help the butterfly reach Mexico

D.how to get the butterfly's favorite food

答案 C [推理判断题。根据第二段第四句“But by then,it was...into the wild”和第五句“Monarchs are known...from Canada to Mexico”可知,蝴蝶翅膀修复以后,主要的困难就是如何帮助它到达墨西哥以完成迁徙。]

3.According to the last paragraph,the couple went to Scotty's to ________.

A.ask help from truck drivers

B.release the butterfly there

C.attract the attention of the public

D.ask for experts' advice

答案 A [推理判断题。由最后一段可知,在一位好心的卡车司机的帮助下,这只帝王蝶赶上了浩荡的蝴蝶迁徙队伍。]

4.What does the author seem to agree?

A.It is useless to learn to repair insects' wings.

B.A monarch butterfly's wings are likely to get hurt.

C.A monarch butterfly can be kept as a pet.

D.It is quite possible to repair a butterfly's wings.

答案 D [细节理解题。根据第一段第三句“We always thought...do nothing about”和第四句“We were wrong”,再联系本文故事可知,作者认为修复蝴蝶翅膀是完全可能的。]